Netkom specializes in providing broad service (2G/3G/4G) offerings with tons of solutions to the telecom operators in Pakistan & Middle East. Netkom Deals in efficient end to end services delivery comprising surveys, secure equipment movement, Installation, integration, commissioning and decommissioning as per customer’s intended proposal. Netkom expertly take part with complete exposure in two major fields of telecommunication industry.


Netkom excels in implementing all kinds of BSS solutions including every technology of BTS with flawless quality which is the main aspect of the organization by keeping in view the strict following of EHS rules and regulation. Netkom Strictly comply with ongoing Customer’s project targets and timelines.


Netkom delivers all microwave services efficiently including Microwave link installation, Link Relocation, Commissioning, Alignment and Media shifting as per customer’s proposed plan with complete EHS execution. Netkom executes the Customer’s plan well within the timeline to avoid any kind of disturbance in project closing and meeting the targets.

Equipment Installation

After the completion of civil works our team of specialist engineers, technicians and riggers do the installation of Antennas, feeder cables, cabinets, BTS equipment’s, all the relevant connections are also done.

Equipment Commissioning

After the equipment is installed than the site is powered up, few tests are done, all the cables and connections are checked. Software installations are also done.

Equipment Integration

After all the equipment is commissioned, network connection is done in order to make the site functional and fully operational.

Like everything network equipment also has a life, so Netkom supports the telecom operators and telecom vendors whenever network equipment is to be replaced or upgraded.