RF Network Planning

We have a vast experience of survey, planning & design of RF networks. We offer expertise in both coverage and capacity planning of networks and have been doing it since a decade for urban, semi urban, rural and far-flung areas with nominal populations for 2G/3G/4G networks. Our planning and designing services includes:

  • Site nominal planning
  • Site Surveys
  • Candidate evaluation
  • Radio parameter database preparation
  • Interference Analysis
  • Frequency planning
  • Traffic management

RF Drive Test & Optimization Services

We have best human resource trained on most RF data collection tools like Nemo Outdoor, TEMS Investigation, Genex probe and PCTEL Seehawk etc. Moreover, our Optimization experts are successfully carrying out optimization tasks in terms of faults identification, rectification and a wholesome approach to meet the target KPIs of the network for all radio access technologies, like, GSM, WCDMA and LTE (FDD) etc for Rollout and Swap projects. Salient tasks includes:

  • On Air Verification
  • Pre-launch cluster Drive test
  • Single site verification
  • Parameters Check
  • Drive Test Data Post Processing
  • Coverage Optimization
  • CQT
  • Post launch Cluster Drive test
  • Cluster Optimization
  • Reconfiguration
  • Reorientation of Antennas
  • IRAT Optimization
  • Congested Cells Optimization
  • KPI Improvement

OMO Benchmarking

Quality of experience (QoE) perceived by user is these days regarded as one of the best method to gauge quality of a network because it is the ultimate purpose of an installed network to meet users’ satisfaction. In a competitive market mobile operators compete with each other to provide user with best voice and data services. We provide benchmarking facilities using latest tools for voice and data being operated by our best trained resources. Provides data which precisely tells what measures needs to be taken to meet the users’ demand and compete the market. Mainly benchmarking includes:

  • SMS testing
  • Voice Quality testing (Mean Opinion Score)
  • Data Testing
  • Scanning (All available bands in one test)

RF Network Performance Management & Improvement

We have been successfully delivering performance management and improvement projects since long on Network, regional, city, BSC and cluster levels. Our top market professionals having knowledge and required skills needed for successful maintenance of a network are our main strength. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and Annual KPI targets have been met time and again and us being continuous owners of these projects for years shows customer’s satisfaction. Our tasks involves:

  • Worst Cell Analysis on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Congestion Analysis
  • Expansion proposals
  • Capacity monitoring
  • MOS Benchmarking
  • Data Benchmarking
  • Customer Complaints
  • Interference Detection
  • Interference Analysis
  • Hardware Issue Identification
  • KPI monitoring and maintenance
  • Carrier Addition proposals
  • Traffic Balancing
  • Network Reconfiguration
  • Dedicated cluster monitoring (Diamond and Gold)
  • Cell Data base maintenance