Open Settlement Protocol

Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) Outside-plant fiber-optic cable will now comprise Corning`s large-effective-area LEAF fiber to improve the performance of high-speed systems and provide capability to handle future bandwidth requirements of the telecommunications industry. Fiber is unpretentious by the interfering of electromagnetic radiation, which makes it possible to transmit information of data with reduced amount of noise and less error. Outside Plant Communication Networks (Telephone Networks, The Internet, CATV, Security Systems, Metropolitan Networks, Utility Networks, Premises Networks, Centralized Fiber LANs, Military and Platforms, Industrial Networks).

  1. Trenching\Excavation
  2. Backfilling
  3. Reinstatement
  4. HDPE Pipe Laying
  5. Fiber Laying
  6. Connectivity
  7. Comissioning
  8. Integeration
  9. Testing