Site survey or commonly called as a network survey deemed to heart of any project part and consider to lock the gathered information for a design or an estimate to complete the tasks required for an any project. It is the way of determining, planning and designing an entire network to provide a solution that will deliver the required: cabling, network components (routers, switches, servers, Gateways, etc.), Power range, coverage, data rates, network capacity and expansion. Netkom is leading in a row of other competitors to render the site survey in any hard to reach places of the country with best 2-D,3-D design and in simulators view.


Deliver resilient network services and communications with proven, best-in-class IP routers and gateway. Netkom deploy t services ranging from SOHO, SMB, Campus and DATA center switches to faster packet based routers.


Central Part of a telecommunication is the core network which connected over the transmission media with access network Subscriber database is accessed by Core Network nodes for functions authentication, profiling service invocation etc.


The commercialization of broadband service motivations the evolution of the access network domain (AND), with technologies such as optical fiber and wireless networking connection traditional copper wiring. Access network is providing Triple play service to   customers over the signal broadband connection (IPTV, Voice calling High speed performance internet)


Fiber-optic Cable Transmission Component is made up of optical transmission modules and cables equipped with connectors for fiber-optic transmission. Fiber-optic Cable Transmission Component can respond to various transmission distances and speeds, Compact broadband backbone transmission and switching platforms bring high-performance Optical Transport Network (OTN) capabilities to the enterprise. Huawei’s OptiX 1800 WDM transport systems support both Dense and Course Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (DWDM), providing ample bandwidth for video surveillance, data backup, and server-based multimedia applications.

Smart 40G line card can increase 4 times bandwidth in one pair of fibers and support 80km distance without DCM and optical amplifier. Another benefit is that the smart 40G/10G line card can transmit the packet and TDM service in one port and the bandwidth can be configured according to the real bandwidth of the packet or TDM services which means saving the fiber consumption obviously.


Outside-plant fiber-optic cable will now comprise Corning`s large-effective-area LEAF fiber to improve the performance of high-speed systems and provide capability to handle future bandwidth requirements of the telecommunications industry. Fiber is unpretentious by the interfering of electromagnetic radiation, which makes it possible to transmit information of data with reduced amount of noise and less error. Outside Plant Communication Networks (Telephone Networks, The Internet, CATV, Security Systems, Metropolitan Networks, Utility Networks, Premises Networks, Centralized Fiber LANs, Military and Platforms, Industrial Networks)


Fixed broadband network deployments are moving inexorably to the use of Next Generation Access (NGA) technologies and architectures. These NGA deployments involve building fiber infrastructure increasingly closer to the customer in order to increase the proportion of fiber on the customer’s access connection (Fibre-To-The-Home/Building/Door/Cabinet, i.e. FTTx). This increases the speed of services that can be sold and will be increasingly required to meet the demands of new generations of video services as we evolve from HDTV to “Ultra-HD TV” with 4k and 8k lines of video resolution. However, building fiber access networks is a costly endeavor.